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Babatoys Art Toys - Wacky Eye Popping Skulls

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In the mystical land of Gloomhaven, where the night was eternal and the moon glowed an eerie blue, a curious event gave birth to the Wacky Eye Popping Skulls. Gloomhaven, known for its gothic castles and shadowy corners, was also a place of unexpected humor and whimsy.

The story began in the peculiar laboratory of Dr. Thaddeus Bones, a renowned yet eccentric alchemist with a penchant for the peculiar. Dr. Bones was fascinated by the mystical properties of skulls, seeing them not as symbols of dread, but as vessels of ancient wisdom and, quite unexpectedly, sources of amusement.

One fateful night, as Dr. Bones mixed his potions and chanted incantations, a dash of bizarre humor infused his spell. Amidst a cloud of sparkling smoke and the clatter of bones, the first Wacky Eye Popping Skulls came to life. These were not your ordinary skulls; they were vibrant, colorful, and inexplicably comical, with eyes that popped out in the most amusing manner.

The Wacky Skulls were a hit among the inhabitants of Gloomhaven. Their unique ability to pop their eyes out at the most unexpected moments brought laughter and lightness to a land accustomed to the dark and the serious. The Skulls roamed the cobblestone streets, popping their eyes at passersby, turning frightened gasps into chuckles.




Material: Rusin

Weight: 1 lb

Size: 2 inch

Special Features: N/A

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Babatoys Art Toys - Wacky Eye Popping Skulls
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Babatoys Art Toys - Wacky Eye Popping Skulls

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