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Babatoys Art Toys - Time portal

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Deep within the forgotten ruins of an ancient civilization, hidden beneath layers of history and dust, lay a remarkable artifact known as the Time Portal. This relic, shaped like an intricate hourglass, was said to be crafted by a civilization that had mastered the secrets of time itself.

Legend spoke of an eccentric inventor, Alaric, who lived many centuries ago. Alaric was not just a craftsman but a visionary, obsessed with the ebb and flow of time. He believed that time was not a straight line but a tapestry, woven with infinite threads of moments and possibilities.

After years of research and experimentation amidst ancient texts and forbidden lore, Alaric unveiled his masterpiece — the Time Portal. It was a device of unparalleled craftsmanship, adorned with symbols of epochs past and future. The hourglass was filled with sands that sparkled like stars, each grain a captured moment from another era.


Material:  Resin

Theme: Model

Weight: 2 lb

Size: 6*2*7 inches

Special Features: n/a

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Babatoys Art Toys - Time portal
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Babatoys Art Toys - Time portal

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