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Babatoys Art Toys - Ivory Palace

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In a whimsical corner of the universe, on a planet where the extraordinary was ordinary, the concept of "Ivory Palace" took root. This unique art toy, part of the Ugly series from Babo Toys, was crafted to redefine beauty. Made of rusin, weighing 2 pounds, and standing 5 inches tall, Ivory Palace was a laugh-out-loud masterpiece, an embodiment of absurdity and hilarity. It was a palace not of regal splendor but of joyful oddity, a limited edition creation that turned conventional aesthetics upside down. Here, ugliness reigned supreme, offering a palace filled with laughter and redefining the essence of art toys.

Welcome to the Ivory Palace, where ugliness reigns with a side of hilarity! This art toy from our Ugly series is a laugh-out-loud masterpiece, turning conventional aesthetics on their head. Limited edition release—because who needs beauty when you can have a palace of absurdity? Embrace the ugly, redefine your collection, and let the laughter commence!



Material: Rusin

Weight: 2 lb

Size: 5 inch

Special Features: N/A

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Babatoys Art Toys - Ivory Palace

Babatoys Art Toys - Ivory Palace

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