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Babatoys Art Toys - Flip Bear

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In the heart of the mystical Toyland, known for its extraordinary inhabitants, there emerged a peculiar creature named "Flip Bear." This 3-inch, 2-pound rusin art toy, a creation from the Ugly series, was anything but ordinary. With a comical twist and a whimsically hilarious appearance, Flip Bear was designed to challenge and playfully subvert conventional aesthetics.

In the whimsical world of Toyland, where everything was a bit topsy-turvy, Flip Bear quickly became the star, known for its ability to flip perspectives and bring a roar of laughter to any room. This limited edition release, with its absurd charm, reminded everyone that even in the world of art toys, a sense of humor was essential. Flip Bear was more than just a collectible; it was a bearer of joy, turning the mundane into the extraordinary, and proving that laughter indeed was the best medicine.

Introducing the Flip Bear – the wild and wacky star of our Ugly series art toys! This whimsically hilarious collectible will flip your perspective on conventional aesthetics. Limited edition release – because who said bears can't have a sense of humor? Add a dash of absurdity to your collection and let the laughter roar!



Material: Rusin

Weight: 2 lb

Size: 3 inch

Special Features: N/A

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Babatoys Art Toys - Flip Bear

Babatoys Art Toys - Flip Bear

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